Friday, June 22, 2012

Back To Black | L'Oreal Feria [Blackest Black]

 My hair before...faded a lot!

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a black hair dye. Only...when I got home, I realised it was semi-permanent! I went ahead & dyed it. It wasn't fully black, & it started to fade even more after the first wash. I just dyed it last night again, so I'm officially a BLACKHEAD (hahahahahahahaha). Again.

 And after...yay, back to black!

It's so black! I love black hair, it's so shiny & I think it looks sophisticated. Besides...brunettes do it better, right? ;) haha, everyone has their own opinion on that. Although, I was tempted to go blonde but I don't think my hair could handle it.

This is the dye I used...

 L'Óreal Féria by Préférence in 20 Blackest Black.

I love it! It's made my hair so shiny, & it comes with a 'luscious high shine oil', to make your hair stay shiny for longer. The little oil is so cute, you just pour it into the colour mix before you shake the crap out of it.

Black...I have missed you!

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