Sunday, June 24, 2012

Swatches & Storage | Nail Polishes

Some of my many nail polishes...

I'm a nail polish my last count, I had around 120, if not more.
But I have bought more since then. Saying that, I have thrown some out due to clumpiness or just old age!
Admittedly, some of the newer ones haven't been used, so I decided to swatch them to see all the colours.
This way, I could see which ones were getting a bit clumpy & which ones I wanted to wear during the summer.
I forgot I had a lot of them, so swatching them was a great idea!


As for storage, I just store them in the lid of my Ugg boots box, in a drawer! Inside the lid, I made a separate little compartment for polishes that need using soon  colours that I wish to wear during the Summer...
In a little wire tray thing, I store my nail stickers, wheels, brushes, separators, stamper, glitter polishes, basecoats/topcoats etc.

Have a great week!

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