Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tips for applying false lashes

I've found out a few things as I've been getting better at applying false lashes, so I decided to share my little tips with you all, and what I feel works best for me.

Before you start, apply your makeup before the lashes.

1. Apply mascara before you apply your lashes (allow mascara to dry). I find that this gives the falsies something to 'lean' on whilst you're applying them, so easier application is guaranteed. 

2. Before application, place the lash at your lash line to measure the lashes against your eye. This will give you a rough guide to see if you need to cut any of the lashes off (always cut the outside lash part if need be, one at a time)

3. After you have applied the glue, wait around 20-25 seconds until the glue is tacky. This means the lash will adhere better. If you apply the lash straight to your lash line, you will end up with a messy gloopy glue mess!

4. Place the lashes on the lash line, pressing down the centre, outside, then inside. If the lash is out too far, you can verrrry gently tug it toward your nose until it's in the perfect position. Use a tweezers if you need to. Leave to dry.

5. Apply another coat of mascara after the lash glue has dried. This will blend the false lashes with your real lashes, and will look more natural (it seems funny to say 'natural', even though you're wearing falsies!)

6. When removing lashes, pull gently from the outside in towards your nose. Remove excess glue from the lash strip.

7. Place lashes back in contour tray. This will help to make sure that the lashes maintain their shape, therefore, they will last much longer.

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I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below!

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