Monday, March 26, 2012

Healthy Eating: Breakfast & Dinner

I've been bad lately despite my New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose a few pounds. I promised myself I'd start today and I did! (I always think Monday is the best time to start, not sure why). I usually eat when I'm bored, but I'm trying to stop that. My boredom food is usually just full of empty calories, which I hate.

So to start off my healthy eating this morning, I sprinkled a small handful of whole oats into a strawberry yogurt, and stirred. Yum! It filled me up for quite a few hours, which I was surprised about.

At dinner time, I grilled a chicken breast. Whilst that was cooking, I chopped up lettuce, tomato and spring onion, and made a bed of salad on a plate and got a pitta bread ready. When my chicken was cooked, I chopped it up and placed it over the salad bed. I didn't need a dressing as the chicken was very moist, which is surprising, as when I've grilled it in the past, it's been pretty dry. I put a small spoonful of potato salad on the side of the salad. I had a small glass of apple juice too. I'll have water from now on though.


I would gladly eat this 5 days a week, it was so filling and yummy! But I think I'll experiment with different meals for a bit of variation. If I get hungry again later, I'll have a couple of Crackerbread with a small spread of peanut butter.

I'll try to update on my blog with pictures of my meals, hopefully it will keep me motivated!

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your dieting! Your dinner looks really yummy :3 I need to start eating more salad again

    1. Thank you :] it was amazing, and very filling! Salad = yum! x

  2. Tht youghurt and oats sound yum!


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