Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny days & bamboo parks!

Today was the first proper sunny day here in Ireland (and as far as I can remember, last summer was pretty crap!) Myself and my fiancé, Elijah, packed up the car and made our way to a beautiful bamboo park, in West Cork. We've been there before so we knew what to expect... loads of different types of trees/plants/bamboo. It's a really nice walk all the way around. We met up with Elijah's mum, 2 of his sisters, their boyfriends and kids.

We walked around for ages and just took so many pictures. (I got some gorgeous pictures with my new Canon Powershot SX130IS camera). It was so nice to get some exercise and fresh air, and it's great to make the most of such a nice day when we barely see sunshine! I wore some wedges, which were fine... but after a long time, and after walking up numerous rocks and some hills, my feet started to hurt - nightmare! When we got back to the car, I changed into my Uggs, which was such a relief. We had sandwiches and crisps, and chatted a bit more before some of the gang went home.

The rest of us went on another walk (I didn't mind, my feet were so comfy then!) We stopped by a little river and chilled for a while, listened to the birds whistling. It was so relaxing and peaceful, I could have fallen asleep! Afterwards, we headed to a hotel for some tea, which was lovely. Then some of us decided we wanted dessert, so I had chocolate gateau and cream...delicious! Elijah's younger sister decided she wanted chips, so she asked me to share. I think the waitress thought we were a bit mad, having dessert first, hahaha! THEN, Elijah and his mum decided they wanted dinner. I was stuffed at this stage, but thinking about food now is making me hungry, damnit!

Fiiiiinally, the time came for us to leave, so we went to my sis-in-law's house for a cup of tea, then home. It's been a long and tiring, but fun, day! I even have a small bit of sunburn (any Irish person will know how big of a deal this is, as we usually just have crap weather, ahaha!)

Here's some pictures from my day...

Little ladybird!



 Look at that tree!





 woo, Ireland!

 Pretty flowers

 Pretty flowers

 Pretty flowers

Me and my gorgeous man 

 I don't even know...

 Pretty flowers

 Chilling by the river


 another bridge

 hate moths...but I took this!

 My dessert...yummy!

 Elijah's dinner

 the moon


Hope you all had a lovely day in the sunshine! :)


  1. Love the pretty pictures looks like you had a scenic weekend. I love getting outdoors when the weather is this nice. More importantly that dessert looks delicious!! Cute post and I really like your header

    1. Thanks so much hunni :) it's the best time to be out and about, so warm and the fresh air is amazing! Dessert was absolutely gorgeous! Thanks xx


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