Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I was sorting out the bedroom the other day (I got some of it done, it's seriously so messy!) I came across a few things that I forgot I had, and some things which just brought back memories.

Here's some of the stuff...

My first makeup bag (from my brother's ex)

 My Westlife book!

 First hair extensions (synthetic)

 Fluffy slipper!

 Westlife concert ticket *sob*

 Notebook full of poems I wrote for my fiancĂ©!

 My secondary school tie

 Picture holder I got free tears ago with Sugar or Shout or some magazine like that!

My Garda ID/age card!

Library card

 My little brother listening to music when he was tiny...and a lock of his hair. He's 14 this month! Time flies.

Tiny card from my aunt and uncle for my this card so much (she did give me another proper card with more money, in case you're wondering!) RIP Rita & Fergie  

Christmas card I got my fiancé for Christmas 2007...



  1. I had the same clippy picture holder! x

    1. I think there was a pastel one too? OR maybe I got that elsewhere haha xx

  2. Eeee SEXLIFE :)
    That book really is amazing!!
    I love finding things out too when cleaning out

    1. I know, I think I'll read it again ehehhe


  3. Aww I love this post! I had the same photo clip holder too and I think it was free with Mizz or Shout :) xoxo

    1. Yeah maybe it was Mizz. Good old days!! xx

    2. I knoww! I look at magazines that are out for young teenagers nowadays and think 'you don't know what you're missing!' haha. I remember as a child I used pinch older friend's copies of Just Seventeen, with all the take that posters! xoxo


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