Sunday, March 04, 2012

ELF Dramatic Lash Kit (review & pictures)

I bought these lashes with my last ELF purchase, and I had wanted to try them for ages. They arrived ages ago and I only started trying them in early February.

Favourite. Lashes. Ever.

They come with their own glue (which I haven't tried - I use my Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive.) Here's what the lashes look like (and my glue, which dries clear!)...

I had to cut 2 little lash pieces off the end of each strip, so they'd fit my eyes perfectly. I applied all of my makeup, including my gel liner. Finally, I applied glue to the lash strip, waited around 25 seconds so the glue could go tacky. Then, I applied the lashes as close to my lash line as possible. Simple! (I've never been an expert at applying false lashes, but these lashes practically attached themselves to my lash line, it was that easy!)

This is how they look on my eye...

And again...

And again (vain, I know!)

I would definitely recommend these lashes to anybody, especially as they're so cheap, £1.50/€1.70. They're now my favourite lashes, and I've worn them numerous times and they're still perfect! I will be repurchasing them.

Check our my quick tips for applying false lashes here!

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