Thursday, March 29, 2012

Diet Cheat Days - Good or bad?

I've been dieting since Monday (it's now Thursday) and I've lost 1lb. Although... I'm not sure if I can call it dieting or not; I've been only eating chicken salad, fruit and yogurt (with oats) every day, as well as drinking loads of water. I've had nothing sweet; no chocolate, no fizzy drinks, no sweets.

I've read that one 'cheat day' a week (or every 7-10 days) is good. A day where you can eat what you like. It can be viewed as a reward for 'being good' with your dieting, something to look forward to. I've also read that it can boost your metabolism, therefore, burning calories faster.

On the other hand, I've read that it's dangerous for your health, claiming that it can increase your risk of an eating disorder.

As I have only just started my diet, I can't tell if cheat days are good or bad. I've been looking forward to my treat say since Tuesday (early, I know!) so I picked up a little bag of Pick 'n Mix today...

I picked up a small handful of jellies, a tiny scoop of chocolate peanuts and a few jelly babies.

I've got most of it left, as I've stopped eating for the night. Since I started my dieting, I'm able to stop myself eating sweet things. I've been to the local shop numerous times and been able to walk past the chocolates and cakes. Normally, I wouldn't be able to help myself, so I'd have a peek and usually end up buying something sweet. My Pick 'n Mix is the only 'cheat' food I've had today. I have had a WeightWatchers curry, which I don't really count as a 'cheat' food, because it's WeightWatchers, and pretty low in calories for a dinner (344).

The sweets haven't made me feel any worse, maybe just a little bit better as it's cured the sweet craving I had. My fiancé can have the rest of the jellies if he wants, it doesn't bother me as I've satisfied my craving. I'm still on the fence with this one, but maybe next time, I'll just make myself up a fruit salad...

What are your opinions on 'cheat' days? Do you agree with them or not?

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