Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kent real bristle brush (NS04) REVIEW

I've wanted a real bristle brush for so long, but I only got around to getting one a couple of days ago. I picked this one up in Boots... It wasn't the cheapest at €10.66 (€10.20 on the KentBrushes website), but I figured that if it was good, it would be an investment.

Is it good?
It's freakin' amazing!

I really love it! The handle is beech wood and sturdy, with rubber grips -- so handy. When I use it drying my hair, it gives so much volume and I think I've finally perfected my side fringe with it (it's always been annoying to dry to the way I want it!). This brush makes my hair so shiny and soft and so much more manageable. It's now my favourite ever brush and definitely an investment! The bristles really grip the hair so as you're brushing and blowdrying, your hair isn't going all over the place.

Usually when I dry my hair, it's frizzy and needs straightening afterwards. This brush has totally wiped out any frizz I get when I dry my hair. I can blowdry my hair and walk out the door, no straighteners needed. My hair is just past my shoulders and this works perfectly if I want to turn the ends in or flick them out, whatever mood I'm in. Definitely the best hairbrush I've ever used! It has a 45mm diameter, and there is a bigger brush which is 60mm in diameter, so I might have to pick that up too.

I would recommend it to anybody who wants shiny, soft, sleek, frizz-free hair. It's a godsend! I can't fault it for anything!

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