Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Updates on my cat | Random post! ♥

I'm not really one to do 'update' posts, as I don't tend to do much. However, a couple of people have asked why I changed my cat's name from Tigger to Prince...so I thought I'd write a little post about it.
When we took the cat in, we went through so many names to call him, and I was so excited! We eventually settled on Tigger, but Elijah (my fiancé) was reluctant, and thought we could think of something better...especially as the cat wasn't even ginger! We called him Tigger for a few days, then settled on Prince.

The simple reason for the name change is, he thinks he's royalty. Or rather, he is royalty. He is spoilt! When he walks into a room, he'll do a little 'mew', just so you'll acknowledge his presence. And he walks like a jaguar or a puma, all high and mighty. It's so cute! He's treated like a Prince, and we won't go to bed until he's in the house. I'm very protective, and we love him so much already! I don't work at the moment, so he gives me a reason to wake up in the morning when I'm feeding him.

When he has his dinner, he will run straight up the stairs, and settle on our bed. That's his new bed too. He sleeps in between our feet at night. When we go to bed, he comes with us (if he's not already there)...so we leave the bedroom door open, so he can go out to the bathroom to his litter tray. Which means the bathroom door is also left open. And the kitchen door is left open in case he gets hungry/thirsty. Spoilt!

During the day, when he's out for a little while, he'll come back and sit outside the back door and wait for one of us to let him in. When he's in, he's rubbing up against your leg for his food or a snuggle. He loves snuggles and touching his nose against yours. He loves having his ears tickled! And if you rub under his chin, he stretches his head all the way up so you'll rub the whole chin. We love him to bits, he's our little baby.

My family have had cats and dogs in the past, and I've always been unsure if I'm more of a cat or dog person. I know dogs can be much more loyal and friendly...and I know that 'an owner never truly owns a cat, the cat owns the owner'. But they're so snuggly and the purring is adorable! But I'm still indecisive as I type this...argh!

I love Prince!

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