Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review | St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse (pics, tips) ❤

The first time I bought this fake tan, I wasn't expecting a lot. After all, it's only around £2.99 a bottle from Primark, making it one of the cheapest tans out there. However, this is my THIRD bottle (and I've had it ages!) I think it's safe to say that I love it! It gives a gorgeous golden tan, no streaks, no fuss.

I've tried quite a few fake tans; Piz Buin, Sally Hansen, Garnier and St Tropez. But St Moriz wins, hands down! It's been compared to St Tropez many times, and it's said to be the 'cheaper version'. St Tropez retails for a whopping £30 a bottle, whereas St Moriz is less than £3. Total bargain!

Yesterday, it rained non-stop ALL DAY, so I thought I'd bring Summer to myself, and do my tan!


Before I tanned, I showered and shaved my underarms and legs, exfoliated gently, and applied a gorgeous body butter, paying particular attention to my knees, elbows, ankles and areas where I have psoriasis (usually upper arm). After an hour of allowing the body butter to sink in properly, I applied my tan using a tan mitt for my body, and a make-up sponge for my face.

Before: My leg

Before: My arm

My leg, TWO minutes after application


After applying the tan, you must wait 4-6 hours before showering. I waited 6 hours and showered at almost 3am, dried my hair and fell into bed. I couldn't really have a proper look at the tan as there wasn't natural light at 3am...haha


And the final results, this morning.

After: My leg

After: My leg

After: My arm

 After: My legs

 After: My arm


Application: goes on to the skin so smoothly, blends like a dream! So easy to apply, even over knees and elbows. The pump applicator is brilliant; 1-2 pumps is enough for each arm. ONE pump for your face should suffice.
Colour: gives a gorgeous golden tan with no streaks, tan looks natural, even as it fades.
Scent: like most fake tans, it has a slight biscuit smell, but that really doesn't bother me.
Longevity: I find my tan lasts around 3-5 days then starts to fade evenly.

Some little tips:
 If you want a darker tan, you can reapply in 3 days.
If you want a 'mid' tan, reapply in 5 days.

❤ If you have blonde/light hair, you may want to apply a THIN layer of Vaseline along the hairline (this is optional.) If you have dark hair, you don't need to worry about this step.

❤ If you suffer from eczema/psoriasis/other dry skin conditions, pay particular attention, when moisturising, to the affected areas. If your skin is dry, the tan may cling to the dry patches, making it look patchy. Moisturise WELL!

❤ After applying tan, stay naked (ooooh!) for as long as possible, to give the tan time to dry properly.

In the days after tanning, when you shower, exfoliate very gently and afterwards, use a body oil/body butter to help maintain the tan for longer. Some people choose to use a gradual tan moisturiser to keep the tan for much longer.

❤ If you don't like the 'biscuit' smell, you can apply a scented moisturiser.


Overall, I LOVE this tan. I'm going to do my tan more often; it gives me so much more confidence and makes me happier, and who doesn't want that? :)

If you haven't tried this tan yet, you should get your hands on it and soon! It's so amazing, and at that price, how can you say no? No sun damage, perfect tan and cheap as chips! Gorgeous, even colour and confidence for £2.99? YES, PLEASE! 


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