Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dyeing My Little Brother's Hair Blue

When I had my hair blue, my little brother Russell (15), loved it. I promised him that I would dye his hair blue when he was on his Summer holidays from I did!

This is my hair when it was blue...


The products we used were:
Jerome Russell BBlonde Hair Lightener (permanent) - best bleach ever!
LaRiche Directions Hair Colour in Atlantic Blue (semi-permanent)

Excuse the crap pictures, they were all taken at night, except the last one!

 Before...a medium brown

 After the bleach...he looked like Eminem! Notice the teeny bit of brown that didn't get any bleach on it, hahaha!

 With the blue dye on his hair night, no flash

The next day in natural light, no flash. Amazing! :)

He's thrilled with it, heehee.

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  1. omg love it hahahaha he must be very happy I would be very happy lol


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