Sunday, July 22, 2012

Product Empties #1

I love when I use a product up; I have a lot of half-full (and new!) products in my bathroom, so it's quite a relief when I use one up. I was sorting through everything the other day, and I really do have a lot. I am now on a spending ban until I use up some of the products I have...which will take a while!

Products I've used up:

Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Lotion (was £2.79, now £1.39)
Removes all traces of face make-up, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, cleansed and refreshed. Brilliant for my dry, sensitive skin too, and an amazing price too.

Johnson's Daily Essentials 24hour Moisturising Day Cream - dry skin (£4.07)
This moisturiser was my favourite for so long (until I found my current one...then I used both, switching between). I went through 3 or 4 tubs of this. It's amazing, and one tub lasts for ages. I used it ten minutes before I applied my makeup, as a base. It didn't feel greasy or heavy on my skin either.

TRESemme Thermal Recovery Conditioner (£4.05)
Possibly the best conditioner I've ever used...and I've used a lot! It smells amazing, lasts for ages and leave my hair feeling silky, soft and really easy to manage and style. I really need to repurchase this, it's worth every penny/cent!

Gorgeous by Gok [Wan] body wash (part of a set)
Absolutely gorgeous! Leaves a lingering scent on my skin, which I can't even describe. The only word I CAN use to describe it is...heavenly! It's simply gorgeous and so soft on my skin. After using it, my skin feels silky and, as the name suggests, gorgeous!

Impulse True Love body fragrance (was £1.99, now £0.99)
Yum, yum, yummmmmm!

Simple Kind To Eyes eye make-up remover (£3.39)
Removes all eye make-up so easily, even waterproof mascara. Doesn't hurt or sting if it comes in contact with your eyeball (which is always the case with me!)

Boots Smooth Care Facial Wax Strips (£4.49)
I think all of us girls are prone to a little hair on the upper lip...I know I am! Once a month, I use these strips on my upper lip, and between my brows. All hairs are removed, it's not painful at all, and results last ages! To heat up the wax, I just blow my hairdryer on the strip for a few seconds. Much better/easier than rubbing the strip between your palms!


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  1. The simple eye make up remover is amazing! This picture is soo pretty! xo


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