Monday, July 02, 2012

Blogger Awards | Most Readable Blogs! ♥

These are my Most Readable Blogs at the moment, so I thought I'd give them all an award because I'm so kind! I made up this little award myself, yay!

They're all amazing, and I find their blogs quite 'addictive', I could read them all day!

My Most Readable Blog Award goes to the following girlies...

 RACHEL ♥ Life of a Sweetaholic
- Rachel's blog is so girly and cute, and I love her outift and nail posts a lot. Her 'smile of the week' posts, make me do just that! 

 ZOE  Zoella
- Zoe's blog is so sophisticated and I could read it all day (I did one day...) She makes me laugh a lot with her posts!

 EMMA-LOUISE  Fallenangel to Yummy Mummy
- Emma-Louise's baby/pregnancy posts make me smile a lot, and her rants are amazing! Her reviews are brilliant too.

- Louise's blog cracks me up so much. I usually read her blog if I'm feeling down because it makes me giggle a lot. Especially the stupid things her boyfriend says!!

 CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH  Confessions Of A Small Town Girl
- I LOVE Charlotte's girly blog! Her reviews are amazing, and her hauls make me extremely jealous! Plus she's absolutely gorgeous.

 SAM  Sam Schuerman
- I've been reading Sam's blog for so long now! I love her reviews, she's so funny. I miss her weekly pregnancy vlogs though.

 LOUISE  Sprinkle Of Glitter
- Louise makes me giggle so much! Paired up with Zoe (above), they're just amazing!! I'm LOVING Louise's new LOTD posts!

Feel free to pass the award on, girls! 

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  1. Aww thank you very much lovely :)
    LOVE your blog too!!


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