Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nails Of The Day

I've been sorting out clothes/cleaning for the past few hours, but I decided to take a little break to blog for a bit. I thought I'd show you all my nail of the day (although I did paint them 2 days ago hahaha!)

The colour is called "Fall For Me", and it's by one of the cheapest make up brands I know, Essence. It's a "multi dimension XXXL shine nail polish". It's a beautiful eggshell blue colour and I've been looking for one for so long now! It hasn't started to chip yet, which I love, as it only cost maybe €2.49 or less. I'm not sure though.

I had to apply two coats and I did it pretty quick as I was in a rush (that's why there are little bubbles on my baby finger nail!) I love this nail polish, it's one of my favourites. As it still hasn't chipped, I might put a black or pink crackle polish over it to see the effect :) I'd recommend this to anybody!

5 stars !


  1. Ooooh such a cute colour :) Your nails are gorgeous!!
    I have given you a blog award xxx

  2. Omg thank you so much :D do I have to do anything? xxxx

  3. It's absolutely beautiful, and even nicer in person :) x


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