Thursday, September 22, 2011

120 Eyeshadow Palette Review

THIS baby is the 120 eyeshadow palette that I lurrrve! It's called the "Manly" palette, which I think is hilarious. My fiancé always says to me "are you putting on your manly makeup?" hahaha. Anywho, the palette contains, you guessed it, 120 eyeshadows (and blushers), all so vibrant! When you open the palette up, there are 2 trays, which stack on top of each other. You can take the top tray out and place it in the top of the lid to see the full selection of colours. There's every colour you could imagine. Blacks, silvers, golds, yellows, browns, pinks, purples, reds, greens, blues, whites...

My camera washes out some of the colours, but you can see how vibrant they are. They're so pigmented and last ages, especially with a good primer underneath. I use some of the light pinks/red as blusher and I get some nice compliments.

There's even some on the top tray, which have a baked look to them. They are 2 colours swirled into one and they go on pretty sheer, but they're much more vibrant when applied wet.

The best thing of all is the price.. LESS than £6.50 with FREE shipping from China. There's a rare chance that the shadows will crack during handling and shipping, as the palette comes in SO much bubble wrap! I did drop my palette a few weeks ago and one of the shadows cracked, which was lame. But I have the following tip for you :)

TIP: If a shadow does happen to crack during shipping, you can fix it. Wet your finger slightly and press the shadow. Next take a sheet of toilet paper and place it over the shadow. Take a small coin and press down firmly. Done :)


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