Saturday, September 24, 2011

Diary Entry: September 23rd

So it was my fiancé's birthday on Friday, September 23rd and he was 26! He's currently studying law in university and today was also his day off, which was pretty awesome. Some of his family came to visit (the rest are coming later today) and we had a little party for him. We decided, in advance, that we were going to have a roast dinner, as it's one of his favourites :)

We had a lie in and got up around 11. We ran some errands and went food shopping in Aldi. We got so. much. stuff. Like, seriously. We got home around 2 and started dinner around 2.30. His family arrived around 3 and we just chilled until dinner was ready. We each served up our own so we could take what we wanted.

There was mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, stuffed chicken, organic chicken (for his mum!) broccoli, peas and gravy. Every plate was piled high and we still have loads left over!

This isn't our dinner, but much the same :)

I thought I wouldn't eat again... But then there was the mention of CAKE! We had carrot cake, chocolate eclairs, cream donuts, meringues, cream pies, cookies, french fancies, sesame sticks, chocolate tea biscuits... We still have lots of that left too!

We had a few drinks, his mum didn't as she was driving. But she's absolutely hilarious without drink so that was fun hahaha. She's a giggle and a half, love her to bits. I rang my mum after dinner, just to hear her voice. I live hours away from her so it's a real comfort to hear her voice.

Here's a random picture I took of her playing Space Invaders (I think!) at 2am when I went to stay! 

My fiancé went to bed at midnight, he was so tired, bless him. I'm still up (obviously!) I've been chatting to my little brother on Facebook, playing Grand Theft Auto IV, painting my nails (silver with black crackle polish!) shaping my eyebrows, catching up on some blogging and watching Home and Away on YouTube. Birthday celebrations will continue tomorrow when the rest of his family comes, including his nephews and baby niece!

It's been a long day so now... I must head off up to my man to give him some birthday snuggles :)

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