Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Celebrity Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: First celebrity obsession

Shane Filan!

He's one quarter of Irish band Westlife *proud to be Irish moment*. He's got a voice to die for and his sexy looks certainly match! Even his accent makes me melt... I'm going to go a little off topic here but whatever. Way before I met my fiancé, I became close to a guy from Sligo (where Shane is from). We used to talk on the phone quite a lot and he had the exact same accent as Shane and I could've listened to him all day, it's just... yummy <3 I'm currently waiting for Shane to join Twitter so I can start my plan to get a tweet ;)
Anyway, I got a photo of Shane at a concert and sent it to him to be signed. He wished me and happy new year and said "love always"!! *swoon*

Okay okay, if you insist, here's a picture of the autograph :)

I must crack open a cold can of Red Bull now to calm myself down.. hot hot hot.

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