Monday, January 20, 2014

Recycling Candles

When my obsession with Pinterest started, I was looking for ideas on everything. While looking for ideas on how to use up leftover candle wax, I came across this one, which involved melting the leftover candle wax and making it into new candles. I had to give it a go as I had lots of wax left over from candles that didn't burn down properly. Here's how I did it. I transferred leftover Yankee Candle wax into a different jar, and went about melting it...

You'll need:
leftover wax in a glass jar
glass jars for new candles
wicks (long enough to fit the new jars - can be trimmed if needed)

Here's what I did...

 I placed the jar, with leftover wax in, in a pot of hot water from the kettle. I brought the water to the boil and turned the heat down a little bit (from 6 to 4). 
 While the wax was melting, I stood the wicks up in the new jars, ready to pour the wax in. 
 When the wax was melted after around 20 minutes, I poured it into the clean jar. Then, I held the wick up straight for about 30 seconds to give it time to set in place. By the way, my kitchen smells absolutely divine while the wax was melting!
This is both candles when the wax was poured in. Before the wax had a chance to fully set, I started melting more wax. 
When this wax was melted, I poured it on top of the previous wax in the jars. The smaller one became a layered candle, and the bigger one just mixed, which I think is quite cute. I love the colours! I have the big candle burning at the moment, and it smells beautiful... a mix of Yankee Candle 'Cranberry Ice' and 'Snow in Love'. Before lighting, make sure the wick is trimmed if needed, so it's not too long.

I think this is a brilliant idea for using leftover wax, and the only thing I had to buy was new wicks, which I bought from eBay quite cheap. I'll definitely be doing this in future if candle wax doesn't burn down properly. Thanks, Pinterest!

Have you tried this or anything similar?

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