Saturday, January 11, 2014

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It's no secret that I love anything vintage, shabby chic and floral... especially home decor. I decided to take some photos of some of my living room decor to share with you. I love how it's looking at the moment; there's not too much going on and it makes my mornings much brighter when I walk in to see such pretty things... This is my mantelpiece. I really love our fireplace, it has a nicely homely feel to it and i feel like it brings the room together. 

This vintage photo frame is from Dunnes, as featured in my mini haul. I love the stained light brown effect. The photo I've put inside is one I took of a wicker heart hanging in my bedroom. I have another frame the same as this one, so I think I'm going to print off the same picture. I'll flip the picture over, so it would seem like the two hearts are 'connecting'. I'll most likely put the other picture at the other end of the mantelpiece instead of the candle.
These silver/glitter butterflies are actually Christmas decorations from a discount store a few years ago. I just have two of the butterflies leaning against the wall on the mantelpiece. It's pretty when the sun shines in and catches the glitter. That's rare though; I live in Ireland! 
This 'Relax' wooden stand cost me €1.50 in Primark last year, and featured in this little haul
This pretty little birdcage candle holder (includes candle) is from Littlewoods. It was one of my little Christmas presents which I got early, and I love it. I'm not lighting it until I come across another candle pretty enough to put in it when this one is used up. 
This little wicker heart is hanging from a picture over the mantelpiece. It's actually another Christmas decoration! I picked them up just before Christmas, and it came with two more hearts and three stars. I hung them on my tree, and now that Christmas is over, I'm still using them. Featured in this haul.
How pretty is this tray? It was in my bedroom, but now I'm using it for a few candles. I'm thinking about putting in back in my bedroom, but that's for another post!
I can't remember where I got these tealight holders, but it came with one polka dot one and two of the floral ones. I *think* it was Lidl or Aldi, but I'm not sure.
This is from Primark last year and I think it cost me €2.50. I haven't put my own photo in yet, as I think what's in it is quite cute! It can stand or be hung up from the little ribbon (we just have a feather standing in the ribbon!)

I'll do more little posts like these in the future, and I love seeing what other people have in their homes. If you have any decor posts, leave them linked below!

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