Monday, January 13, 2014

Pearl Bracelet Watch

How pretty is this baby? As a sucker for anything with pearls on, I literally couldn't resist it when I came across it on eBay. I had to snap it up, especially as it cost less than €3, with free shipping (and who doesn't love free shipping?) If you're in Ireland, you can get it from here. You ladies in the UK can get it for £1.99 from here, and if you're in the US, you can get it from here

It's super pretty, and the white pearls make it look so dainty, delicate and girly. I really love it, as you can see from the amount of pictures I took to show you the watch from every possible angle! The rhinestones make it really sparkly in the sun too, which is cute.

It arrived around 17 days after I had ordered it, which is normal when coming from Hong Kong. It was in a brown envelope, wrapped in bubble wrap, so it was in perfect condition. It comes with a little tab around the twisty thing (what is the actual name for that?). As with most watches, you simply take the little tab off, twist the twisty thing to the right time, and push the twisty thing in to start the time. I didn't do it for the pictures, but I have done it since! The bracelet part is elasticated, which is great as it doesn't limit the watch to certain wrist sizes. 
I usually wear watches on my right wrist, I don't really like having things on my left one... does that make me weird? ;) 

I think it would be beautiful with a little black dress, or just dressed down on lazier days.

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