Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Polka dot crazy? Me? Never...

Can you see the theme I'm going for here? Yup, red with white polka dots!
I was so sick of seeing it the way it was before. All the clutter at the back made it so messy, so I needed to fix it up a little. How cute does it look now? I moved the toaster to a separate part of the kitchen.

The tea, sugar and coffee caddies are from a 4-piece set on Littlewoods. It comes with the big caddy at the back, which is a biscuit one. We rarely eat biscuits so we have extra teabags in that. We've turned the caddy around so you can't see the word 'BISCUITS'... crafty or what?

You can find it here - Littlewoods Ireland
or cheaper here - Woolworths UK

I got mine for around half price when they were on sale, but I'd happily have paid full price. The only thing is, DO NOT pick them up when your hands are wet. Common sense would tell you this, but my fiancé (being a man) opened the tea caddy when his hands were wet and dropped the lid. It cracked but I fixed it back together. Oh... and I was eyeing up the bread caddy and dinner set too, but they're not on the website anymore. I'm keeping an eye out to see when they're back again, I need them in my collection!

The set of 6 mugs is from Dunnes Stores.


I've stored my recipe book, teas, hot chocolate, cappuccino, extra sugar and straw caddy (from my local discount store... I really couldn't say no!), in this little craft box from Primark. This was in my bedroom, but I think it's really cute in the kitchen. I'll get another one to replace it for the bedroom.

I placed the extra-teabag caddy and mug tree on paper doilies, because I think it gives a cute finishing touch.

This is a butterfly (from a set of 14)  from the wall decals I talked about this post. I have one on top of each caddy to add a cute little touch.

Do you like it?


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