Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY | Fabric/Washi tape tealights

If you have never used pretty fabric tape before, you're missing out. It comes in more designs than you could  ever imagine, and lots of different widths too. It's so versatile; the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless...

How pretty are these little tealights? They are adding such a cute touch to my living room right now! To give your tealights a beautiful new look, just wrap the tape around the tealight and... that's it! Make sure the tape doesn't go over the top of the tealight tin, you don't want the flame getting to it. I came across this cute little idea on, wait for it... Pinterest (are you surprised? Nope, didn't think so.) You could use Washi tape instead of fabric tape, if you'd prefer. It's entirely up to you!

These are my rolls of fabric tape, which I bought from eBay for a very low price from Hong Kong. I've got more ideas on how I'll use my tape, which will probably appear in a later post.  Just search for 'fabric tape'. I have to say... they remind of that stretchy fabric sticky tape that holds down surgical dressings... haha.

Have you tried fabric tape or Washi tape?

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