Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nails | Rimmel 'Sunshine'

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day, so I decided to paint my nails in an attempt to cheer myself up. I couldn't decide on yellow or orange, but eventually picked yellow! I went for the brightest yellow I have.

The colour I chose is 'Sunshine' by Rimmel. It's from the 'I  Lasting Finish' range. It was perfect to add a bit of sunshine to my day today, as we had rain, rain, wind and more rain. I absolutely love this colour! I'm not sure if it's still available on the high street (i haven't seen it in forever!), but i'm sure you can get it online...eBay is your best friend! ;)

Although I love the colour, I don't love the staining it leaves on my nails. It only happens sometimes, and that's even using a basecoat! >_< other than that, it's lovely, and it lasts around 5 days for me, without a topcoat.


  1. This looks a lovely little beaut for summer :) but even days like today snowy it will brighten you up haha :)

    Love Emily xx

  2. Thanks, beautiful! It's a gorgeous colour, butttttt I don't have snow here yet :(



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