Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Beauty Investments

Like most girls, I love all things related to beauty and make-up. Over the past years, I've picked up some things that will last me for ages. I've decided to share a few of them with you. Only one of them was quite expensive, but they will all last me a long time. One of the items is pretty new, and the rest are old enough...still going strong, though!

These are some of my little beauty investments that I've decided to share with you today...I've done reviews on some of them, and i'll link them below :)

 L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - full review here

Amazing amazing amazing product! This is a fairly new purchase for me, and I will definitely repurchase it when it runs out. It's made such a huge difference to my hair. I paid around €8.50 for it, and it's been worth every cent so far, and i think it will last me a good while.

 ELF Powder Brush - full review here

Love these brushes, i have two now. I use one for liquid foundation and another one for powder foundation to set the liquid. It gives me a lovely flawless finish and doesn't shed at all. When I bought it, it cost me €4, but I think ELF's prices have gone up a little. It's still worth it though, still going strong a year later. 

 eBay Beauty Blender - full review here

I purchased this from eBay almost 5 months ago, and still love it as much as day one. I read that it should be replaced after 3-4 months, but i still have mine because i don't use i every day. I take turns using this and the ELF powder brush. I love how the beauty blender makes my foundation look...flawless. This is quicker than using a brush for foundation, and the tapered top means it gets into the side of my nose and eye area perfectly. This cost me a grand total of €1.39...amazing!

 120 eyeshadow palette - full review here

I absolutely can't get enough of this eyeshadow has every colour you could want. I use it most days and every colour is still there! The colours are really pigmented, and there's everything from mattes, to shimmers, to marbles. I paid around €7 for this, and it's been worth every single cent. I've had it around 2 years now I think (maybe a little less, maybe a little more). Definitely a fabulous investment.

GHD hair straightener

I don't have a review on this, but I think everyone and their granny has this hair straightener...hahaha, not really though ;) I'm not sure how I much  paid, maybe around €130? It's cheaper now because there's so many other ones out there. I love this for straightening and curling. I've had it for a good few years now and it's still going strong, i've never had any problems with it. I just love how straight it makes my hair and it lasts all day! Everyone needs to own one of these.

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