Friday, January 04, 2013


Happy New Year!!
I'll be back into blogging very soon, lots of posts coming up! <3

I came across this list on Meg's blog, The Kissy Pearl, which was inspired by another blogger. I loved it, so decided to give it a go myself...
Current Books: 'Woman with Birthmark' - Håkan Nesser
Current music: Impossible - James Arthur
Current guilty pleasure: snuggling my kitties
Current colour: baby pink
Current drink: water
Current food: toastie...technically foods, but whatever ;)
Current favourite show: Eastenders
Current wish list: Mac-Book, Samsung Galaxy Ace
Current triumphs: Sorting/decorating two of our three bathrooms!
Current bane of my existence: College and assignments
Current celebrity crush: Daniel Craig
Current indulgence: Tea!
Current blessing: Having just spent New Years with my family
Current slang: 'what the fudge' hahahha..
Current outfit: Fluffy black pj bottoms, floral vest top & fluffy socks
Current excitement: the thought of sleeping!
Current mood: Tired and hungry...craving lasagne!
Current link: Fallen Angel to Yummy Mummy - Emma-Louise is getting back into blogging lots, yay! <3

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