Thursday, December 20, 2012

This & that - Santa dress, food and presents!

This past few weeks have been chaotic! College work has just been rolling in like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, and we still got loads to do over Christmas, grr! It's not all bad though, as we had our class night out on Saturday, and I wore my Santa's quite short so I wore tights, and it's also very tight around the top because of my chest! Excuse the face and pose, I wasn't ready when mine friend snapped the picture! And I'd had a few glasses before we headed out, hahahha..

Most of the people in our class couldn't make the night out, so we all went for lunch yesterday as a celebration for handing up our final assignment of 2012, ahh!! We had booked a table for all of us, and since yesterday morning, we were all starving and couldn't wait to get there. The food was so worth waiting for...yummy! And the real chips (or fries, for all my American readers) with the skins still on...oh, and look at the little bucket they come in. So cute!

We've finished all of our Christmas shopping, and we've got most of the wrapping done. This year has been the easiest for buying presents, because we took part in Secret Santa with my fiancé's family, so there wasn't really much to buy. This is a couple of the presents we've have wrapped so far...and some of them are little things I bought for the fiancé! :) The present with the Hello Kitty wrapping paper is for me from one of my amazing brothers. So excited!

That's just been a couple of little things that have been going on in the past couple of weeks with me...mostly college work, boo! Glad I have my Christmas holidays now though... :)

I hope you're all doing well

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