Friday, December 21, 2012

Review & Pictures | Essence 'Hello Holo' glitter nail polish

I've seriously wanted this for ages, and every time i went to get it, it wasn't there! I fiiiinally came across it in Primark/Penneys the other day and couldn't wait to use it. It cost around €2.29...

How pretty is this?! I've had to take almost all of the pictures OUT of focus (sorry!), so it picks up the full holographic effect. I used the polish over a silver polish (Your Majesty by Rimmel). I used one coat of the silver, and THREE coats of the glitter polish to get the full effect of all the glitter. It dries really fast, which is a great thing if you're going on a night out.

I've had it on for 4-5 days now and it's just every so slightly beginning to chip...and that's without a topcoat. I'm loving it so far! I think it's fabulous for the price, and most people will know that I'm a sucker for Essence polishes. They're amazing, there's loads of colours to choose from, they're long lasting and cheap. The pictures really don't do the polish justice, I promise! The light catches every single sparkle, I honestly can't tell you how beautiful it's like a rainbow on every nail!

I really want to wear a red polish for I might try a couple of coats of this over the top to see how it looks. Red nails + sparkle = perfect for Christmas!

I would highly recommend this nail polish to you if you love a bit of sparkle on your nails, or even if you just want to add something different to your nail polish collection. I can't tell you how beautiful it is or how much I love it!

Cheap, long lasting and beautiful...perfect!

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