Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hello, December ♥

Hasn't this year gone by so so fast? It's December already. I'm so ready for it... love this time of year!

I'm baaaaaack! As you may have noticed, there's been a huge lack of posts. But I have my reasons!

A week after my last blog post, my fiancé was brought to hospital because he needed emergency blood transfusions. He stayed in for 4 days and boy was I glad when he was out! I missed him so much. He's doing good now, thankfully.

Other than that, I have been super busy with college, assignments, work experience, Christmas preparations and life in general. I've got so many assignments on the go at once, and even an oral presentation coming up soon - eek! I've just finished my first week of work experience. I'm doing it in a local playschool, and I'm really loving it so far. I love all the children and how they're all set in their own little ways, it's so cute.I have another week left to do, and I'm waking up every morning looking forward to it. On Friday, it will break my heart to say goodbye to all their little faces...but life goes on :)

As for Christmas...I've had my tree up for almost 2 weeks now. I couldn't help it, I really just love Christmas! We've got our shopping almost done. I can't wait until it's just DONE! But before that, I'll have our college night out! I'd love it to snow too, so if you have some, please send it over to me. I've customised my blog, it's very Christmassy and I love it!

I'm ready for you Christmas, bring ittttt on! ♥

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