Friday, May 04, 2012

The Big Five eyeshadow palette (W7)

I picked this up for €1.39 in a discount store, and I do love W7 cosmetics - cheap and brilliant

 It's called The Big Five, and the packaging is so cute. Who doesn't love zebra print?! The colours are more pigmented than they look in these pictures, especially with a base. I'm not sure why the colours don't show up too well, but I really love them.

The first colour is a gorgeous pearl with shimmer
(Brilliant for highlight and inner corners)
The second colour is a beautiful pink with some shimmer.
The third colour is a pretty shimmery beige.
The fourth colour is a gorgeous gold with shimmer.
The fifth colour is a purple/silver... with shimmer!

This is my eye look from Wednesday, using the purple/silver over the lid, and the pearly colour on the inner corners!

I really love this little palette, and for the price, you just can't go wrong. Get it!

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