Friday, May 18, 2012

Get To Know Me (even more!)

Aah I love answering these questions. I hate when someone says 'tell me about yourself'. I prefer just answering questions! Enjoy, heehee...

Vital Stats:

Name- Joanna Louise Maxwell
Nicknames- Munchkin, Glowworm, Globug, Jojo, Joey
Birthday- February 8th
Place of Birth- Dublin, Ireland
Star Sign- Aquarius
Occupation- bum right now :(


Hair Colour- naturally mousy brown, currently black/off black
Hair Length- shoulder length!
Eye Colour- greeeeeeen, blue in some lighting. 
Best Feature- Eyes :)
Braces- nope, but I feel like I need them.
Piercings- Ears... I had my lip done but took it out after a year.
Tattoos- 4
Righty or Lefty- Righty :]


Best Friend- Another girl everyone called Jojo :)
Award- I got a medal for running a Women's Mini Marathon when I was 14? Hahaha, maybe something small before but that was one I'll always remember.
Sport- don't do any...but I do like hockey!
Real Holiday- Wales. My first and only time out of Ireland, boo!
Concert- Westlife <3


Film- I have a few but my all-time favourite is Titanic!
TV Show- I don't watch much TV at all, mainly YouTube! Buuut... Home & Away!
Colour- Pink
Song- All-timle favourite is Flying Without Wings, by Westlife.
Restaurant- Hard decision... for chips etc, The Roma. For proper meals, Captain Americas!
Store- Penneys!
Book- Hmm I think Angela's Ashes. Love it!
Magazine- That's Life or Take a Break!
Shoes- I think my Uggs, just for comfort! For others, maybe my navy suede heeled boots!


Feeling- So many feelings... happy, excited and moody!
Single or Taken- Taken!
Eating- nothing right now, but I'm starving!
Listening To- Bargain Hunt is on in the background.
Thinking About- food (no surprise there!)
Watching- Bargain Hunt is on, but I'm not watching it.
Wearing- White Nike hoody, cowprint pyjama bottoms and huge pink slippers.


Want Children- ttc right now.
Want To Be Married- Yes! I'm engaged now :)
Careers in Mind- I'm really not sure, which annoys me because I'm 24!
Where do you want live- We've just moved so I love this location.

Do you believe in?:

God- Aghh unsure!
Miracles- Of course
Love at first sight- Definitely.
Ghosts- My family have had ghostly experiences in an old house but I've never 'seen' one. I want to though!
Aliens- Hahahahahaha no
Soul Mates- mhmm :)
Heaven- Yup, I do believe there's a better place for spirits to rest.
Hell- nope.
Kissing on a first date- each to their own, I say! 
Yourself- yeah! :)

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  1. Love answering these kinda questions too, its so much easier and I even find it fun haha xx


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