Friday, May 25, 2012

Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' Body Polish review

Dry, flaky skin? This could be the product for you!


I've been using this body polish a good bit lately, and I really like it so far. The product is a Shea Butter, sugar and peach seed powder spa body polish, and it also contains sea salt, grapeseed and almond oils. It smells really nice, I can't describe it, but I like it! I don't use it on my face, as I find it too harsh to use there. I love using it before I do a foot spa, it really gets rid of the dead skin (gross, I know!!) Like most women, I have some cellulite on my thighs... this has definitely helped to tighten the skin, which I wasn't expecting, but of course, I was so pleased to see! When I 'polish' my body with it, I find it really relaxing and the little grains make a brilliant exfoliator. 

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have psoriasis, which means I can get dry flaky patches on my body when I'm stressed. I was worried this body polish would be too abrasive, but I used a light touch and it was fine, the flakiness was mostly gone, and I moisturised with the Soap & Glory 'The Righteous Butter' body butter (full review here). When you use this body polish, make sure you rinse it REALLY well. When I used it first, I rinsed it off, but my skin still felt quite greasy, so I had to hop back into the shower to rinse again!

There is a downside to the product, though... When I use it in the shower, I find it leaves the shower tray a little 'greasy' and quite slippery. Nothing a good scrub can't fix, but just be a little careful when using this in the shower/bath.

It retails a£7.00 in Boots, and it's worth it. Overall, I would recommend it if you want smooth skin and legs to die for!

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