Thursday, December 05, 2013

Blogmas - Day 5 ❤ Christmas DIY | Christmas Bauble Wreath

I made this when I was putting up my Christmas tree & have got a few messages about how I did it, so I decided to do a blogpost on it.

You'll need:
wire (I used a wire hanger... hard work, but you could get a muscley man to do that for you!)
wire cutter
tinsel of your choice
optional - thread (same colour as your tinsel)

Bend the wire into a circle (i used a metal coal bucket to help me with the shape). When both ends of the wire meet, twist them around each other to 'tie' the circle & use the wire cutter to cut off any excess wire. Wrap the tinsel around the wire circle, then secure by tucking the end of the tinsel inside the wrapped tinsel. Tie string around the top of your wreath & hang from a door handle/wall/etc., so you can see how it will hang. This also makes it easier to work with. Cut off the string that is already on the baubles, & re-thread them with your own thread. Then, simply tie the baubles around the tinsel, & adjust the tinsel so it makes it the thread blend in flawlessly.

  • Don't worry if the wire doesn't go into a perfect circle - the tinsel makes it look more round when it's wrapped around.
  • You don't have to use the same colour thread as the tinsel - it just helps it to blend in more if you do use the same colour.

My tinsel is from a discount store (2 metres of white tinsel), and the baubles are from Primark/Penneys.

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