Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blogmas - Day 22 ❤ Cosy Sunday

I keep thinking today is Monday... but anyway, today was the day we got our Christmas dinner food in - thank god it's over! We can rest now until Wednesday. It's still freezing, and the hailstones and wind make my nose want to fall off. Brrr!

Cosy and feeling very Christmassy, ready to finish the Christmas dinner shopping. I love the koala bear hat. It was from Dunnes Stores last year and it's for a child aged 9-11 years. What child has a head this big?! I love it though, it fits so snugly and keeps my head and ears warm. Great for bad hair days too!

Burning my Yankee Candle 'Christmas Rose' votive. It smells so good, I'd love it in a large jar!

I love a good fire on a chilly day. This is ours right before it kicked off. I love the heat coal gives off. I think tonight will consist of hot cocoa, a movie (or Christmas music!) and maybe an early enough night.

Are you all ready for Christmas?

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