Saturday, November 05, 2011

Recent Buys & Gifts - Cute/Random

Little pink bin, with lid and wheels (it actually wheels!!!) I keep my pens in it, as it's the perfect size. I bought this myself :)

These Coloud headphones are a present from my mum, as part of my Christmas present. I chose them and I'm sooo in love with them! They're super comfortable, and I LOVE the telephone type cord near the top! They have a beautiful polka dot and Hello Kitty design on each ear, and the sound quality is amazing :) PLUS... I'm a massive Hello Kitty fan! 

♥ Christmas and Tinkerbell, so I HAD to buy these baubles. They were only around €1.50 for 6 which is fabulous, and they're quite big. And pink! I can't wait to decorate the tree :)

I love cupcakes, colours and pretty things. I saw this and I just knew I had to have it. I got it in a discount store (probably Poundland in the UK!) It only cost €2 which is amazing! It makes me want cupcakes!

 Just had to!

Hahaha I've wanted one of these for so long!

Again, I love cupcakes and I needed a dinner tray, so this plastic baby pink and white striped one is totally PERFECT!

I love Christmas, but my usual red Santa is getting a bit tattered now, so this baby pink one caught my eye. okay, so did the words! It's amazing quality for being so cheap and it suits me to a T ;)

I hate my earrings to be scattered all around, so I spotted this plastic earring holder on eBay and bought it. I'm sure it was less than €1.50 with free shipping. The angle of the picture makes it look out of shape, but it's a perfect shape and holds up to 24 pairs of earrings. I'm definitely going to buy more!

I have wanted a moustache necklace for absolutely ages now, but the ones I've seen online are either too expensive or way too cheap looking. I came across this one in Claire's Accessories yesterday and picked it up. The moustache is metal on a black chain, which I think makes it look pretty sleek. It's perfect for "Movember", as some men are growing moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They do this in November, so it's known as Movember!


  1. Hi joanna!
    I love your pink bin it's an awesome idea and creative, nice girl;D
    I so gotta get one of those earring holder not just for me but for my sis and mum too, my normal earring box is a mess and they all they tangled ugh i hate it:p

  2. Thanks :) you can get the earring holder on ebay, it's really handy and cheap :)

  3. Eeee I love all of these!! Lots of super cute goodies, the tinkerbell balls are so cute I NEED some and all of the cupcake goodies eeeeeee!!


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