Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Polish: W7 Metallic Planets Collection

I was clothes shopping  in TK Maxx last week and as always, the beauty shelves grabbed my attention. I came across the W7 Metallic Planets Collection. It was the last set there and I had to pick it up. Perfect, as I have been looking for some nice duochrome shades! It was €12.99 for 5 polishes (The pack said the RRP was over €30, which I can't imagine is right, as W7 polishes are pretty cheap.) Still, I picked it up and here's what they look like...

From left to right:
Metallic Jupiter, Metallic Mars, Metallic Mercury, Metallic Saturn & Metallic Venus

Metallic Jupiter: Very dark navy base with shimmery sparkles

Metallic Mars: Pink/purple/wine/gold shade

Metallic Mercury: Dark shade with a pink, purple & gold sparkle

Metallic Saturn: Gold/green metallic with slight shimmer

Metallic Venus: Purple/blue duochrome with some bronze shimmer

Surprisingly, I haven't tried them yet as I've been loving my cupcake nails! I'd keep these for spring as I like to do red, glittery, arty nails over the holiday season... But I will try them soon, as I think Metallic Mars would be a gorgeous shade for Winter!

I'm looking forward to trying them, and I will post pictures and do reviews!

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