Sunday, November 27, 2011


This amazing Tumblr page is full of challenges, and I found this one. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be done over 12 days... But I'm doing it all now!

If today is the end of the world:

1. Are you ready? Why or why not?
No. I want to see my family.
2. Who will you visit for the last time (after not seeing each other for a long time)?
My family 
3. What will be your last meal?
My mum's stew!
4. What will be the last place you will visit?
5. Who will be the last person you want to be with?
My family and fiancé, I couldn't choose.
6. What will be your last contribution to society?
Cook for the homeless and..... give an animal a home.
7. What is that one thing you will do that you’ve always been wanting to do ever since?
8. What will be the last memory you want to be reminiscing?
There would be too many!
9. Who is that one person you want to say sorry to?
I don't think I need to apologise to anyone for anything.
10. What will be your last message to your enemies/friends?
Thanks for everything ^.^
11. What will be your last message to your loved one(s)?
I love you all so much, see you on the other side!
12. Are you satisfied or happy with your life right now?
I'm happy, but I could be happier (living closer to family, having a baby)

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