Monday, November 21, 2011

A little TOO organised?

Not my tree... I wish it was!

I'm not usually an organised person but when it comes to Christmas, it's the total opposite! It's only November, but we have all of our Christmas shopping done, everything wrapped and (nearly!) all the cards written out and ready to post. I wanted to get all the shopping early, because I hate crowds and, if the shopping is left too late, there's hardly anything on the shelves!

We're spending Christmas with my family this year (around 4 hours away from where I live with my fiancé!) and I can't wait! The only thing really left to do in our house, is to put up the decorations and tree! I'm really looking forward to it; the fairy lights really cheer me up. We've decided to get new decorations for the tree, as we've had the same ones for a good few years now; including the usual red, green, gold and blue baubles.

I want a whole new look to the tree, I don't like the same thing every year. I'm planning on getting new garlands, new tinsel, new baubles (I already got the cutest Tinkerbell ones!) and more new hanging decorations. We only got new lights and icicles last year so we really don't need more.

I'm so excited to put the tree up, it makes me really happy! I think I'll have to wait until at least the start of December. I will definitely upload a picture when it's done!

Are you organised, or have you yet to start?


  1. We're starting to put up our decorations this week. Lights around the living room first and then the tree!! I'm so excited :)

  2. Omg lucky! I want to do mine as soon as possible, but my fiancé would kill me hahaha. I think I'm getting decorations today so MAYBE I can persuade him :P


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