Thursday, November 17, 2011

Craft chic!

crafts, decorating things, designing stuff... I've started selling my own jewellery, which you can check out here! I've sold quite a few phone cases too, which people seem to really love. This is the latest one I've sold, which I'm totally in love with! I've ordered my own blank case for my BlackBerry so I can make my own one :)

Every case is totally unique!

If you are interested in buying a case, message me on my personal Facebook account:
or tweet me:

- Prices usually average between £20-£25, as I usually have to buy a blank case!
- I can do most cases, as long as we can get our hands on a blank case.
- If you'd prefer to send me a case to design, that's perfectly fine!
- A LOT of effort goes into my cases and they are one of a kind.
- I've sold quite a few so far and I have a couple on order.
- Prices include standard shipping.
- I will not be held responsible for packages lost in transit. So far, none of my packages have got lost.
- If you would prefer registered post, this will cost extra, but you will get a tracking number.
- I only really accept paypal, but sometimes, I will make an exception.

*If you think my prices are too high, think again; Time, effort, supplies (not cheap!!) shipping, and patience...*

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