Thursday, November 24, 2011

11 Day '10 Things' Challenge - Day 3

Day 3: 10 things about your personality

♥ - I'm very stubborn!
♥ - I can be really emotional.
♥ - I'm pretty shy... until you get to know me...
♥ - Then I'm loud!
♥ - I'm very opinionated; I will say something if I feel the need to.
♥ - I get annoyed quite easily.
♥ - I'm very friendly...
♥ - Although, I used to have a habit of judging others quickly. I've changed now, though.
♥ - Some people say I'm too kind for my own good!
♥ - I'm pretty sure I have/used to have a mild form of OCD. I used to have to touch things a certain number of times with each finger. Every time I pass a radiator, I HAVE to touch it. 

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