Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Garnier B.B. Cream

I've wanted to try this since I heard all the hype about it.

The claims:
An all in one skincare solution that immediately perfects your skin. The light, non-greasy formula gives an even skin tone with a healthy glow, blurs imperfections and redness, smoothes the appearance of fine lines, hydrates for 24 hours and helps protect with SPF 15.

It's not hard to see what all the hype was about with these claims. I was in Boots last week and swatched it on my hand. It just looked like a light foundation, yet it cost a whopping €14. I've seen it costing €10 in another place, so shop around! Still, the reviews said it was amazing.

Then, I read Emma-Louise's review here. Emma-Louise's was one of a few bad reviews I had read about the product. Then, I came across a website that was offering free samples of the cream. I thought, 'why not?'. At least then, I could try it in the comfort of my home (I didn't want to test on my face in the shop as I was wearing makeup).

My 3 sample sachets came this morning, and admittedly, I was a little excited to try it, even after reading the bad review. This is what the sachets look like...

I was glad my samples came in Light, as I'm really really pale (I'm Irish - we rarely see sun hahaha!) I moisturised about 2 hours before I tested the cream, so my skin was soft and smooth. The first thing I noticed when I opened the sachet, was the smell. I quite liked it though. I tested the B.B cream on my face where I had a small reddish patch, as my psoriasis tends to flare up a little when I'm stressed.

It made no difference to my face at all! It didn't reduce the redness whatsoever, or give me an even skin tone or a 'healthy glow'. This was the lightest shade and it was STILL too dark for me; it made me look orange, like a bad fake tan!!

I took these (yes, the shocked faces are to show how crap the cream is!!) to show you the colour.. It's ORANGE, and these pictures don't pick up the full orange-ness of it. It's like a very cheap dark foundation! After these pics were taken, I tried to blend it down my neck but to no avail; the tide marks were so obvious! The sachet I used was 1.5ml, and I used maybe half of the sachet, and it made me this orange! I think the cream is supposed to give the skin a dewy finish but it just made my face look so greasy and oily, and it felt really 'heavy'. The next picture shows the orange more clearly, it's crazy.

WHAT THE HELL, RIGHT??! Totally like fake tan gone wrong! I came into the living room where my fiancé was, and he said, "Why have you got really orange foundation on?" LOL! These are the cotton pads used to remove the cream...

What the schnitzel?! This picture doesn't pick up all of the orangeness, it was so crazy!

I wouldn't recommend this cream, glad I didn't buy it when I saw it in the shop. It's expensive, greasy, heavy, doesn't do what it claims and it's orange! Waste of money! The only good thing was the smell...

Personal rating out of 5 stars: 

and the half is only for the smell!

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