Monday, October 03, 2011

Osiris Avisé Vitamin E Creme Review

I bought this moisturiser about 3 days ago. It's from a €2 store (probably Poundland in the UK!) and it only cost me €1.50! I'm always looking for new moisturisers, as I have dry skin (I have psoriasis). I've tried lots of different brands, from Johnson's to No. 7 to Vaseline to Lacura! I often find the cheaper ones work best, and most moisturising for my skin.

I picked this up as it was only cheap and thought I'd give it a go. It smells beautiful and goes on like a dream. It sinks into the skin leaving it soft, smooth and pretty moisturised. It would be perfect for anyone with mild dry skin, but for me, it doesn't leave my skin as moisturised as other creams I have tried. My skin needs a lot of moisturising. I can't really complain as it only cost €1.50, but it's worth it.

Personal rating out of 5 stars: 

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