Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How I keep my skin clear

I've been asked on Facebook how I keep my skin so clear, so I thought I'd do a blog post on it... Let's get into it :)

  • I make sure to take off my makeup every night without fail, even if I've been out drinking! ALWAYS!!! I use Johnson's Daily Essentials Nourishing Cleansing Lotion (for dry skin), and cotton wool pads. I take all of my makeup off, inlcuding down my neck and at my hairline. THEN I use another pad with lotion on it, just incase I missed any parts of my face. The lotion leaves skin soft and toned, which is amazing! It's a fabulous price too, under €5 and it lasts for ages.
  • I use a Montagne Jeunesse face mask once a week, from cleansing to relaxing. When I wash it off my face, my skin is soft and clear.
  • I gently exfoliate every other day using Biore Warming Blackhead Fighting Cream Wash! It gets rid of the blackheads on my nose and cleanses my face too.
  • Twice a week, I use Johnson's 3 in 1 Refreshing Facial Wash, which cleanses, tones and refreshes.
  • I moisturise every single day, no exceptions. In the morning, before I apply my makeup, I use Lacura 5% Urea Face Cream (for dry skin), and at night I use No 7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream.

These are all the things I use:

I hope this was helpful to some of you, this is just what I use to keep my skin clear! :)

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