Sunday, October 23, 2011

I ♥ Westlife

This post is actually pretty hard for me to write, as I've been a fan of Westlife since the start... ♥
Westlife came on the scene in 1998, when I was just 10 years old! I used to read all about them in Top Of The Pops magazine, then cut out their pictures and stick them on my wall or in my Westlife scrapbook (yes, I was that obsessed!) These five gorgeous Irish lads made up Westlife. *proud-to-be-Irish moment!*
L-R: Kian, Mark, Brian, Nicky, Shane

In March 2004, Brian left the band. Westlife still stayed strong, despite rumours that they were going to fall apart.
Westlife (minus Brian)

They have sold over 44 million records worldwide! They've had 14 number one singles, 11 top 5 albums, 7 of which hit the top spot, and 10 sell out tours! But on October 19th 2011, the band announced that, following a Greatest Hits album and a Farewell tour, they would go their separate ways (amicably!) and bring the Westlife journey to a close by the end of 2012.

Of course, millions of fans from all over the world were truly devastated, including myself. I think my mum was pretty gutted too as she had a soft spot for Mark. I've only seen them twice in concert, but it's better than not seeing them at all! I have hundreds of pictures to bring back those special memories. I think this one has to be my favourite, it brings tears to my eyes just knowing that I've seen them live!

 and they're wearing suits too, which is totally sexy...

I also have Shane's autograph too, which he signed on the back of a photo I took of him at the first Westlife concert I went to :) ♥

There is always a Westlife song to sum up how I'm feeling at certain time. My favourite song of all time is 'Flying Without Wings'. I cried when I first heard it and it still gets me now. I want 'Butterfly Kisses' and 'I Do' played my wedding.

My favourite member is Shane (duhh, so obvious!) always has been. His accent makes me melt and that smile, those eyes. My brain can't handle his hotness, he oozes sex appeal :P his wife is one lucky lady!

Of course, even though the lads are going to be doing their own thing, I'll still be on Twitter *stalking* them so I know what they're up to :P I'm glad they're releasing an album AND doing an actual Farewell tour, instead of just breaking away, or 'taking a break' and never coming back. They're truly amazing guys and they've helped me through so much in my life. I know a lot of people dislike them or whatever, but they're freakin' amazing ♥ I'm devastated they are splitting up, but I still have all those pictures, songs and concert videos, to bring back beautiful memories 


I love those guys so much! ♥


  1. I've never been concidered a "fan" of westlife,
    But they've always been part of my life, I listen to their music ( I have it on my iPod right now!!)
    I wasn't devastated (like some of my friends) to hear they were going their separate ways but it was difficult to hear, they are a band I have always admired and one day have loved to have gone to one of their concerts, but hopefully this isn't the end, and we will hear much more of those yummy boys :)
    (their accents are to die for!)
    my fave is Shane, I love his smile haha (and the obvious accent!)

  2. Yeah I think everyone was shocked, even people who weren't big fans.. We'll still have their music to listen to if the boys don't come back to us. Shane is so damn hotttt :O


  3. I am actually in ♥LOVE♥ with this post!

    So sad that they are splitting up, but I am glad that I have the memories of seeing them live like you, along with the 100's of photos and their songs will live on ALWAYS!

    I am going to have Flying Without Wings as mine and Liam's first dance at our wedding (he doesn't know that yet but shhh)!

    ♥ NICKY
    ♥ SHANE
    ♥ MARK
    ♥ KIAN


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