Thursday, June 02, 2016

Review | Sleek 'Face Form' Contour, Highlight & Blush Palette

Do you remember the first time you started wearing makeup? If you're like me, you definitely didn't realise the importance of things like eyebrows, contour and highlight. Thank god those days are gone! I'm no 'pro' at makeup, but I think what I do suits my face shape, though I know it could be better.

I'm extremely pale, which I blame on being Irish and rarely seeing sunlight, haha. Looking like a milk bottle baby meant that finding a nice contour (that wasn't too dark!) proved to be a big issue for me. I've tried numerous contours, but I just couldn't find one that wasn't really 'dirty', making it look like I had just rubbed mud on my face... attractive!

This picture was taken from the Sleek Makeup website, as as I've lost the photo I took of my packaging!

I picked up this little pretty in the shade 'Fair' in May 2015, on offer for €9.99 in my then-local pharmacy. It ranges from €12.99 to €14.99 in other places I've seen it. I'm pleased to say that it's still going strong over a year later! I wore makeup every (if not, most) days up until January of this year. Nowadays, it's more like 3 days a week. Obviously these photos were taken before I used it, and the matte black case is sadly no longer as clean as it was on day one! I've hit pan on the highlighter, and I think that's brilliant considering it's over a year old and I use it every time I do my makeup. I love the sleek (haha) simplicity of the packaging, no fuss.

The matte contour shade is perfect for me, not muddy at all. I use quite a light hand but it's easily buildable and creates a beautiful finish. It lasts all day too, which is always a plus! The highlight is the most beautiful illuminating highlight I've come across so far. It gives a radiant glow and adds a perfect touch to a made up face. I use it on my cheekbones, upper lip, down my nose, on my brow bone, on the inner corners of my eyes and on my forehead (I'm surprised I didn't hit pan sooner than I did, yeesh!) The blush is a beautiful rose gold colour, and my favourite ever blush. I always use a very light hand for this, because it's so pigmented. Again, buildable... if you're into that kind of look! This blush has a slight shimmer to it. which I personally love, but if you're not into that, stay away from the blush. I would still purchase this just for the contour and highlight though.

Since this picture was taken, I've upped the contouring a little bit, as you can see from the second picture of me!

This all-in-one perfect palette is available from Boots for €14.49. I'll definitely repurchase this, but I do think what I have will last another while. This palette is available in Fair, Light, Medium and Dark, so there's something to suit every skin tone. And hey, if Fair suits me, it'll suit the palest person ever! I can't recommend it enough.

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