Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pregnancy | My Five Must-haves!

Pregnancy is no mean feat. It's amazing, although that can be hard to see when you're feeling terrified, uncomfortable and hungry 24/7. Maybe the hunger thing is just me because I love food so much,... and not just during pregnancy either, haha. I've compiled a quick list of some of my must-haves for this magical time in your life. These are things I swear by to help me through pregnancy. Less than three months to go!

* * *

1. Fetal Doppler

This is by far one of the best purchases we've ever made, without a doubt. Early in my pregnancy, I had a small bit of bleeding so I freaked out. Everything was fine, but I hated feeling on edge all the time and worried something would go wrong. It got to a stage where I was too scared to pee incase I saw more blood. We had seen fetal Dopplers online, some of which were mental prices! My boyfriend came across one on a buy & sell site, which we ended up paying €20 for. It was a Sonoline one and in absolutely perfect condition, batteries included too. Best €20 ever spent! Of course, we tried it when we got back and I immediately felt at ease. As it turned out, we were listening to the placenta the first few times *facepalm* but quickly found the heartbeat. The old midwives tale says that horses galloping is a girl, and a train means a boy. Ours was a train, but honestly, I think it's just how the baby is laying. Ours still sounds like a train though! We used aloe vera gel, but now we just use coconut oil. I find it better as it doesn't dry out as quick. Anyway... we used the Doppler every day for a week or two, then every second or third day for a while. Then our little man started kicking and I felt the need to use it less. He kicks and moves so much now, but every so often, I'll get the Doppler out just to hear his little heart beating. It still amazes me... especially when he kicks the Doppler off my tummy! Some people say not to get one because you'll drive yourself crazy, but I was going crazy without one. It has helped to ease my mind on so many occasions, so I really can't recommend it enough. I've still got mine and won't sell it until we're done having babies. In like the year 3000. 

2. 'Bump' pillow

I don't have a specific bump pillow, so I use a normal pillow instead. Enough (and good!) sleep is vital in pregnancy, especially when you get worn out from just 'being'. Heck, we're growing a human, so of course we'll get tired, haha. Being well-rested feels so good! I sleep with my 'bump' pillow supporting my bump and between my legs. It helps so much, and means I can get a good rest. Except the nights I have killer heartburn because nothing helps me with that. With the pillow, I'm into such a habit of flipping it over when I turn over, so I use it when laying on both my left and right sides.

3. Belly oil

Bio oil might work best for stretchmarks, but I find using coconut oil is great too. My belly feels really moisturised and I've read that it can help with stretchmarks when the skin is supple. I have a few small stretchmarks, but I really think the coconut oil is helping, as I thought they would be worse by now. Maybe I've just jinxed that. It might have helped more had I used the oil before the stretchmarks appeared though!

4. Prenatal vitamins

I take Pregnacare and have done since early pregnancy, and it feels good knowing I'm doing right by my baby. It contains the recommended levels of folic acid and Vitamin D, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals, which are essential in pregnancy. I've worked out that I have enough, plus 2 left over if he arrives on his due date! This totally sounds sponsored, but I swear it's not!

5. Maternity clothing

I've got a pair of maternity jeggings and they are sooo comfortable with the belly band on them. I find it gives a lovely shape to bump too. To be honest, I see myself wearing them a lot after pregnancy until I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have a maternity top too that I don't fit into yet, but it's so comfortable and soft. I've tried the hairband trick on my normal jeans, but it doesn't doesn't feel comfortable for me. Maternity all the way!

* * *

Happy almost weekend, from me & bump!

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