Friday, June 17, 2016

26 Week Pregnancy Update!

This is the first bump update I've done, and will probably be one of very few! I'm actually almost 27 weeks now, but I wanted to get this post out. The picture was taken at 26 weeks (my weeks change over on a Monday!) Here's what 26 weeks has been like so far...

How far along? 26 (almost 27) weeks!
Total weight gain: Luckily (?), we don't have a weighing scales. I want to know, but I'm dreading finding out.
Maternity clothes? Just my maternity jeggings and some normal black leggings! I'm kind of nervous to try my normal jeans with the hairband trick! My usual tops still fit for now.
Stretch marks? A few small ones, but I'm using coconut oil for moisturising my bump.
Sleep: Some nights are great, and some are just so uncomfortable that I find it hard to sleep properly. Bump is getting big, boobs are too big! Pre-pregnancy, I liked sleeping on my back, but I'm getting better at sleeping on my sides, mainly the left! If I wake up on my back, I just turn onto my side. Also, it's so damn warm, which makes it harder to get to sleep.
Best moment this week: Feeling my baby hiccup... amazing!
Miss anything? Runny eggs! I swear, my first meal when baby's born must include runny eggs!
Movement: Oh, ALL THE TIME! He's so active. He seems to already have his own sleeping pattern. Mornings see me being woken up with some sweet baby kicks and rolling about, as if to say 'good morning, mummy!'. He quietens down in the afternoon, but will kick if I play music or talk to him. I swear he knows his name already! Some evenings, he'll kick for ages. Other evenings, he'll kick less but will make sure he gets some hard kicks in before I go to sleep. I've three months to go and I'm already missing being pregnant, haha. I'll never tire of the movements, it's incredible to see him move and feel the kicks... even when he kicks me in the ribs. Ouch!
Food cravings: Anything lemony (I thought I was over that!) and uh... pork scratchings!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Spaghetti Bolognese! It used to be one of my favourite meals, now I can't stomach it. This started probably around 8 or 9 weeks and it's stuck with me. I still eat mince, I still eat pasta... but spaghetti bolognese, I just can't deal with!! I don't know if it will get better when baby's here though. Also, we have this room spray which, when sprayed, makes me want to gag. I loved that before, but now I just can't!
Gender: Boy!! 
Labor signs: I had Braxton Hicks a few weeks ago, but that was it!
Symptoms: Oh god... heartburn is a real bitch some nights but seems to be getting better. Leg cramps are a nightmare too, sometimes the pain will wake me up! Walking for long periods of times makes my legs ache, so I have to stop every so often. My lower back gets really achey too sometimes, but my boyfriend is a star with his massages and back rubs.
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? I don't wear one (yet, haha)
Happy or moody most of the time: A mixture of both, but mostly happy when I think about everything we have to come. It's so overwhelming. but extremely exciting.
Looking forward to: Spending the weekend with my boyfriend when he's off work!

Happy Friday from me & bump! 

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