Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pregnancy | You Know You're Pregnant When...

If you've been pregnant, you'll most likely agree with the majority of these. Being pregnant is amazing, there's no doubt about it (well, it has been for me anyway)... although some of the things that come with pregnancy could do with not coming at all!

* * *

You know you're pregnant when...

 Relaxed? Feeling good? Just eaten? Okay, get ready because heartburn is about to hit. Burping acid? Lovely, you got this.
• You know when you're washing dishes or peeling potatoes at the sink? Pre-pregnancy, that's all fine, easy to do. During pregnancy, you'll find that your bump is in the way, meaning you're about 586750 feet from the sink... or at least it feels like that! Nothing quite like looking down to see the beautiful bump though.
• Just got comfortable in bed? Now is the time that your bladder will decide that you need to pee, right. this. second. After a while, wait for that kick from baby, straight into your bladder, that will have you running to the toilet again.
• Those lovely kicks in the ribs that take your breath away... not in a good way either!
• You see that little shape on your belly? Is it a foot or a hand? A little baby booty? Who cares, it's cute as hell!
• Your nails grow like a weed. s l o w d o w n
• Those cravings that come out of NOWHERE. I used to hate the thought of pork scratchings. Then I tried one and I was like 'hmm these are okay'. Then my craving came up a few weeks ago and hasn't left me since. I feel like I MUST have them or I might cry...
• ... which leads me on to this one... crying at television adverts. Or for no reason at all. You know that ad where the dog in a home has a small toy shaped like a man with glasses? Then a man (the spitting image of the dog's toy!!) comes to rescue the dog, and the dog is over the moon. That gets me and I'm tearing up now just thinking about it! Baby adverts are the worst. The Clearblue one where a woman is telling her friend she's pregnant. Burst into tears the first time it came up on YouTube.
• Up at 7.30am, or even earlier? You'll probably feel ready to crash at like 10am. Maybe because getting to sleep sometimes can be so hard to do. Or maybe because you're growing a human inside you. That's tiring work!
• You add the word 'pregnancy' into everything you Google. Absolutely guilty of this one!
• Ever rub your bump and speak/sing to it in public? I did that the other day. First & last time I'll do it. Had an old lady look at me very pityingly! Really?!
• Can't see your toes? Welcome to pregnancy! A beautiful bump is a much nicer view than toes if you ask me!
• Used to sleeping on your tummy? Not anymore!
• Used to sleeping on your back? Not anymore!
• Find a comfortable position to sit or lay in... now it's playtime for baby!
• Those godawful stretching pains, ESPECIALLY when you sneeze. When I do this, I find myself glued to the spot for a few seconds to make sure I'm still in one piece, and baby did not in fact, make a very early appearance.
• You see that glass of water? You're not allowed to lift it. That shopping list? Too heavy. Shopping bag? Hell no, don't even think about it. I'm able to lift stuff! Maybe not a bed though.
• Worrying about ABSOLUTELY everything. This is more true for first time mums I think, but every little thing seems to worry you. Or me, rather!

* * *

I totally sound like I'm complaining but I'm really not. Okay maybe just about the heartburn because it's a bitch! I love every little hiccup, every little (or big) kick, even those that do take my breath away. It's amazing to know that I'm growing a little human inside me, who will join us in less than three months. All those sleepless nights, the tender belly and the urge to pee 500 times a day is all worth it for my little man. Even the godawful heartburn!

Happy hump day from me & bump!

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