Monday, October 13, 2014

A-Z of things I like!

I was challenged on Facebook this morning to write 10 things I like beginning with a certain letter. It gave me the idea for this blogpost. The title says it all really; this is the A-Z of things I like...

A - Adam Levine..that is all.
B - BMWs
C - cats/christmas/coffee/candles/candy name a few, ha ha..!!
D - dishwashers...mine is a godsend, I absolutely hate washing dishes
E - eating obviously
F - food..aside from the obvious family, fiancé and friends.
G - Galway - where I grew up, and where most of my family still live
H - hot chocolate on a cold wintry night
I - internet...need i say more..??
J - jewellery
K - Kodaline
L - lie-ins
M - men in oh my
N - naps
O - orange juice
P - pasta
Q - Queen Of My Heart, by Westlife. One of my all-time favourite songs..!!
R - roaring fires (we have one going right now!)
S - sex..did i just go there on my blog? Oops!
T - tea
U - umm..i don't know (does that count?)
V - Valerie, my amazing mum!
W - work
X - xxxx - kisses ;)
Y - Yankee Candles...perfect
Z - Zzzzz, sleeping

I'm thinking there's a post coming soon of A-Z of things I dislike ;)
To the person reading this - I tag you!

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