Saturday, February 18, 2012

Small clothing haul

I recently picked up a few bits in Primark/Penneys, mainly Summer clothes. I know it's a little early, but why not? :)

I picked up these two strapless dresses, with the top parts being elasticated and stretchy. (€9 each)

They flow out into a three tiered skirt, and come with a gorgeous tan belt. They're an amazing fit, and cover a tummy (I have a bit of one at the moment, boo!) They'll look gorgeous with heels or sandals, or even ballet pumps. The butterfly dress is so pretty and girly, and I think the white one looks so innocent and angelic. They're a bit short, which I think would be fine for the Summer, but in the spring, you can wear them with leggings/jeggings/tights, like I did today.


Then, I picked up these two tops, which again, have the elasticated top part, so handy! (€5 each)

They have cute little pockets, which are just so adorable! Pretty for summer with a pair of jeans and sandals, heels or boots.


I picked up this gorgeous top, which really reminds me of Paris, with the colours! (€6 or €7)
I had to get these pyjama bottoms, as I'm a moody cow every morning, hahaha! (€7)


I love this nightie, I don't usually wear leopard print, but this feels amazing, and it's beautiful! It skims all the right places, and makes me feel really good when I wear it. (currently €4, down from €7!)


Finally, I picked up this trilby in the men's section, hahaha! (€5)


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